About Us

Strong As One provides non-gym based workouts, ensuring that they bring out the best in those who want to see results. We provide a holistic perspective to getting fit and healthy, through our meticulously planned training sessions, nutrition workshops and sports therapy.

These three fundamentals allow us to focus on body transformation and maintenance, helping our members achieve their individual fitness goals.

Even though we are your trainers, we aim to ensure that group training with Strong As One is a great unity that spreads joy and excitement in physical and mental fitness. We take pride in ensuring our members feel comfortable in their workout environment. We build a STRONG foundation of excellent relationships with one another and with everyone working towards similar fitness goals; it’s a place where you’re guaranteed a helping hand during your fitness journey.

Our Mission

To work together to help more of our members to benefit from personable nutrition support, rejuvenating workouts and a positive mindset.

You’re Unique

You’re treated as an individual as we understand that every person’s fitness journey is unique to them.

As Fitness Professionals we are dedicated to understanding each member’s needs & wants, we then translate that into a captivating training programme that’s suited around you and the daily demands of life

Our Impact

Fitness success means looking beyond the here & now, which is why we’re active in driving long-term progress in the overall wellbeing of our members

Meet your Trainers

Strong As One is the creation of Diani Walker and Simba Rwambiwa, both collectively having over 20 years of experience as Track athletes, competing nationally and internationally respectively.

Having had access to world-class training and coaching to help their own athletic careers, the pair then decided they wanted to bring this tremendous experience to those who want to improve their overall fitness in a unique way.


Simba Rwambiwa

Level 3 Personal Training

Simba Rwambiwa studied BSc Business and Management at Aston University, where he gained transferable knowledge allowing him to understand and meet the needs of our members. Simba also holds a Level 3 Personal Training qualification and has vast experience in conducting group workouts and supporting nutritional plans.
Strong one

Diani Walker

Level 3 Personal Training

Diani Walker studied BSc Sports & Exercise Science at Middlesex University and holds a Level 3 Personal Training qualification, which has enabled her to gain quality experience in helping people manage their health and fitness. Diani is also a qualified Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist, this is useful in helping our members move better and feel better and prevent any injuries from occurring.

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Why Train With Us?

How we train our members is based on our own training, so we can safely say we know that it works!  We are sport specific which means that no workout is ever the same, that’s because we work on all areas of your fitness and you’ll probably discover muscles you never realised you had. You always hear an athlete say its 10% body and 90% mindset. Now…we are not training you to be the next Usain Bolt (unless requested), however, it’s those qualities we want to bring to every workout, so we won’t just push you physically but we’ll help channel a mindset that makes you determined to see and get results.


Klea Demiri

Simba and Diani are amazing at what they do! Their experience and motivation is unmatched. If you’re serious about getting fit and setting real goals they’re definitely the people to go to!

Gladys Muduve

Glad I joined the transformation program, enjoying the fitness, motivation and the trainers. Every session is different, makes you work hard and it’s fun at the same time

Terry Wilson

I enjoy the routine work-out with the whole team and I am always very pleased including your support service. Thanks

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The Bakehouse Studios,
Sutton Coldfield,
High Street, B72 1UQ

Training Hours

Mon – Fri …… 6:15 am , 6 pm – 8 pm
Sat, Sun …… Closed





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